The AgriWasteValue team needs you !

The AgriWasteValue team needs you !


In order to transform agricultural residues from the European North-West regions into bioactive compounds to use them in industrial sectors such as the cosmetic and nutraceutical fields, the AgriWasteValue team develops on its website a digital map that allows, mainly for cosmetics and nutraceutical fields, to see where and how much residues are available in North-West Europe. 

We need information from vineyards and orchards in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands to find out what residues from tree pruning can be converted into molecules of interest for use in cosmetics or food supplements. This information enables samples to be collected and the locations and quantities to be listed on a digital map.

If you are a vineyard/orchard owner, please take a few minutes to fill one of these questionnaires: 

If you need help filling in these forms, please contact, and the team will be please to help you and collect your data!

Thank you very much in advance for your help in this project research !