The global market for natural cosmetics could reach $48 billion by 2024

The global market for natural cosmetics could reach $48 billion by 2024


During a webinar, the research firm Kline presented its prospects for the global natural cosmetics market. This market has grown strongly in recent years.

According to Kline, it reached $39 billion in 2019 and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. 

The firm estimates that the natural cosmetics market will grow by 5.7% to reach $48 billion.

Kline anticipates solid growth in all beauty care segments except fragrances. For the research firm, the market will also tend towards "truly natural" brands with a higher percentage of natural ingredients and the elimination of substances considered undesirable.

"Technologies are evolving and so is the supply of natural ingredients. What was tolerated in a natural product ten years ago is not necessarily tolerated today," says Nikola Matic, head of Kline's Chemicals & Material practice. 

The firm also believes that distributors will be increasingly demanding and raise their standards with regard to the composition of products and substances to be banned. 

As far as Europe is concerned, importance will be given to certifications and local production.

Source : Le marché mondial des cosmétiques naturels pourrait atteindre 48 milliards de dollars en 2024, LSA - 16.06.2020