Valorisation of agricultural residues

For a sustainable value chain in the agricultural sector

The AgriWasteValue project

AgriWasteValue is a project that ultimately aims to show the benefit of developing local supply chains and to obtain organic, sustainable and local bioactive compounds to meet with the consumer’s growing expectation.


Total of metric tons available in Europe (estimation):

AppleResidues of apple18428.6 T
PearResidues of pear30634.1 T
VineResidues of vine3695.6 T
Apple/PearResidues of apple/pear2255.4 T
Apple/Pear2255.4 T
Pear30634.1 T
Apple18428.6 T
Vine3695.6 T


01.07 2021

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Saint-Malo, France
06.09 2021

International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries

Aveiro, Portugal
05.10 2021

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07.12 2021

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