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[Documents] Discover the 4 case studies of the project : cosmetics, nutraceutics, chemistry, energy/fertiliser


4 case studies were carried out in the framework of the AgriWasteValue project to analyse different possible value chains in the areas covered by the project: cosmetics, nutraceuticals, chemicals and energy/fertiliser. 

You can download them for free in the "documentation" tab of the website or via the links below. 

The case studies

  1. [Case study] Phlorizin application potential in the nutraceutical sector
  2. [Case study] How to create a local hub for transforming pruning residues into energy and fertiliser
  3. [Case study] Application of arbutin in the cosmetic sector
  4. [Case study] Valorisation of residues from the agroforestry sector for chemical application

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